Building the future we want to work in



We believe that a better future requires the presence of choice and clarity. Dify values people who are willing to try new things and learn from them. This is why we aim to give customers the tools to choose their own path not only in the beginning of their journey, but also when they have grown and would like to create change in their life.

About DIFY

Dify was founded in 2020 by Opera. For more than 20 years our team has built browsers that have been helping millions of people access the internet to read, create, laugh, and play. The products we have built are being used by over 350 millions of people. We are a Norwegian company with headquarters in Oslo, Norway, and branches and offices in Poland, Estonia, Spain, Sweden and China.

What we do

We build fintech products that help customers to make their lives more flexible and enjoyable. The Dify product provides Buy-Now-Pay-Later functionality that lets clients pay for all of their purchases next month interest free or delay payments even further. Learn more about the Dify product on our product page.